Alameda Art: Unexpected Landscapes

Art from Jan Watten and Ginny Parsons' Unexpected Landscapes, at Rhythmix Cultural Works' K Gallery through July 3. Photos by Michael Singman-Aste.

Art from Jan Watten and Ginny Parsons’ “Unexpected Landscapes,” at Rhythmix Cultural Works’ K Gallery through July 3. Photo by Michael Singman-Aste.

By Michael Singman-Aste

Making great art requires great talent, and a little luck. Whether pressing a shutter release or dragging a brush across canvas, the outcome is uncertain. Jan Watten goes on local photo safari shooting with her trusty Holga, but she always has at least one camera on her — her iPhone — and she records whatever life throws her way.

Ginny Parsons’ subject is less happenstance: She walks to nearby Lincoln Park, takes a photograph, and returns to her studio to begin painting. For her, the unexpected nature of the landscapes is in the materials.

The artists are

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