Alasdair Gray to write book on independent Scotland

Gray, 78, has signed a deal with publisher Canongate for a book which he says will “anticipate” how an independent Scotland should take shape.

The author is one of the most high-profile artists in the country to back the prospect of an independent Scotland.

Canongate yesterday revealed Gray’s new book was a work of non-fiction simply entitled Independence, set to be published next summer.

A spokeswoman for the Edinburgh-based publisher said: “It lays out Alasdair’s vision for an independent Scotland.”

Speaking to The Scotsman, Gray said: “I’m being helped by a very good researcher and a lawyer friend. It will be out well before the referendum.

“It will be laying out the situation in Scotland we have at the moment, the situation we will have when we get more independence, what is wrong with the current situation and what is hopeful about it.”

Gray, who was born in Glasgow, said he believed it was

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