Alaska Thug Life: Man Slaps A Bear, Somehow Still Lives

Everyone goes through that phase in life where they feel invincible, like nothing could ever touch them. Unfortunately, there are two problems with this: first, some people never grow out of that ‘I’m invincible’ stage. Secondly: you’re not invincible nor are you the toughest person on the planet.

In fact, the toughest man in the world has already been found, and it’s an older gentleman from from Alaska:

Yes, what you’re seeing is real: that man just slapped a bear across the face…and lived.

Now, the video would be great on its own – it is a man slapping a fully-grown black bear with zero reservation, after all – but the editing is what nails it. Admit it – it’s impossible to hold back laughter once the rap starts playing and the bear has a little tear running down its face.

What’s even stranger is that ‘thug life’ editing – playing overly serious

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