Ali Banisadr: At Once – Blain/Southern – Bosch Meets Abstract Expressionism

Blain/Southern presents ‘At Once’, an exhibition of oil paintings created over the last two years by New York-based artist Ali Banisadr. This is his first-ever solo show in the UK and includes a 7-metre long triptych, the artist’s largest work to date. The nature of Banisadr’s work is attributable to the synaesthesia he experiences while painting. This began when he was a child growing up in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war, where he drew the sounds of bombing and air-raids to make sense of what was happening. These create highly subjective paintings if not for the hybridised and homogeneous art historical nature of the work.

Figuration and Abstraction blur and collide in a conflagration of swirls in the artist’s paintings. The works are strangely a little reminiscent of a previous artist at Blain/Southern, highlighting the gallery’s particular taste. Jonas Burgert’s recent paintings at the gallery presented a menagerie of contorted fantastical

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