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With cross-genre collaborations at its peak, jazz tends to generate a way of thought which reflects the society we live in. On the occasion of International Jazz Day, we take note of the major swings and blues of jazz in the past and present.

Originating on the streets of New Orleans almost a 100 years ago, jazz has emerged and made its way through the suburbs of New York and Chicago. While the genre has surely evolved, the most interesting aspect of it is its very own definition in the modern age.

Dixieland Jazz Band’s ‘Livery Stable Blues’ is considered to be one of the first jazz songs to be commercially released. It appears to be informal and spontaneous but is ritualised and precise to set one grooving. It was a fresh record by white musicians and was released after black cornetist Buddy Bolden’s prototypical jazz music. 

Yet, it didn’t stop the

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