Ama Huen Ning flourishes in both music and painting

Singer, songwriter and painter Ama Huen Ning has come a long way since the release of her debut album in 2007. Recorded with Korean jazz funk musicians and sung mostly in Cantonese, Seoulful was written for her, organised by a record company, and featured cover art depicting her with the “little girl” look so popular in South Korea and Japan.

A Taste of Life – out now on her own AMA label – is sung in English and, with the exception of one cover tune, consists entirely of songs the 30-year-old has written herself or co-written. It also features rather more adult artwork: on the cover is a grainy black and white photograph of Hung, then six months pregnant.

Her son, Harper, was born in June, and the album is dedicated to him.

The Chinese University fine arts graduate’s latest effort is as much about artistic progress as it is about breaking away

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