Ambushed by Sundry Treasures

Past perpetrators have included Scott Burton, the first to be invited, who ruffled feathers by separating several of the museum’s Brancusi sculptures from their bases and presenting all elements as independent artworks. In 1995 Elizabeth Murray mustered an impressive exhibition of art exclusively by women. And in 2008 Vik Muniz created what he called a rebus with a linear sequence of carefully linked works that included morsels like Josiah Wedgwood’s 1768 black basalt coffee cup, one of the most elegant drinking vessels of all time.

Now the torch has been passed to Trisha Donnelly, an admired Conceptual and performance artist known for her poetic if sometimes hermetic ways with mediums like drawing, photography, video, film and sound art. Working with Laura Hoptman, a curator, and Cara Manes, a collection specialist in the museum’s department of painting and sculpture, Ms. Donnelly has done the

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