Annie Lapin’s Newest Painting Exhibition Combines Instant Attraction And A …

How does a painting come into being? Through a combination of struggle, careful construction, and the hazy in-between, Annie Lapin creates paintings that shape how you see them while documenting their own creation. Her newest exhibition, “Various Peep Shows,” features loosely rendered collages of paint that come together to form impossible yet inviting spaces, treating architecture as a code which may or may not be cracked.

“Quick, confident brush strokes appear to rest lightly on the surface of the canvas, operating as pure mark making until the slow burn of an image makes its way to the eye,” Honor Fraser Gallery describes of the show, giving a sense of the slow breed of looking necessary to fully digest Lapin’s work. Her painted forms teeter between ghostly figurations of a thing and literal conglomerations of pigment, the tension between the two forming meaning somewhere in the middle. The question of

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