Arnold Schwarzenegger understands father’s dilemma in zombie film ‘Maggie’

NEW YORK — “Maggie,” a low-budget zombie movie with deliberately placid pacing, marks a new day for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A post-apocalyptic drama set in a future where an Ebola-like virus causes victims to become flesh-eating monsters who must be killed, “Maggie” is the 16-year-old plague-stricken daughter of Schwarzenegger, a farmer.

“This movie is the most human zombie movie ever made and that is what appealed to me in the first place and why I took the job,” an upbeat Schwarzenegger, 67, said at the Waldorf Towers last week.

“We focus on the dilemma this man is in and how I, with the baggage of being the action hero, can’t overcome this.

“Obviously the solution here is to quarantine people and reduce the problem of spreading the virus.

“The character I play could not stop the virus; I could not stop my daughter from dying. My love for her was so big I could not do

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