Art, Anyone?

Local artists and members of the San Angelo Art Club arrived at the Kendall Art Gallery, located at 119 West 1st Street, with high hopes for their painted masterpiece.

The C. Russell Myers “Realism in Paint” show, this year held Feb. 7,  has $2.000 worth of prize money for the winners of the show.

“It’s CR Myers in his will. He left specific instructions: it has to be watercolors, oils or acrylics,” said Mary Kollmyer, arranger of the show, explaining the focus of the art pieces.. President of the club, Barry Kleypas added that this particular show was a members only show, therefore guaranteed local artists.

The three types of paintings from local artists hung around the main room in the Kendall Art Gallery, with watercolor overwhelmingly the medium of choice.

The paintings depicted a wide variety of realism, with some reflecting local wildlife, parks and the ever popular Concho River, while some simply

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