Art by the granddaughter of Walter Emerson Baum goes on display at Baum School

As a child, Ellen Grim Harter watched her grandfather Walter Emerson Baum as he sketched and painted his famous landscapes and village scene in his Sellersville studio. Sometimes she even posed for him.

Baum, as one of the foremost Pennsylvania impressionist painters of the early 20th century, as well as the founder of Baum School and the nearby Allentown Art Museum, was an inspiration to his granddaughter. She enjoyed art classes at school and eventually went to the prestigious Yale University School of Art.

“In the summer of 1956, my grandfather worked with me to prepare for my art classes in the fall, sketching the same model he was painting,” Harter says. “The easel he pulled from the barn that summer is the one I still use today.”

To gain admittance to Yale, Ellen had an interview with Josef Albers, the esteemed head of the school. Albers was one of the world’s

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