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While Cannes Film Festival is all set to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema, it is sadly the Bollywood flavor that happens to remain most predominant at it. The love for parallel cinema seems like a dying art with commercialism earning the better of it. Mentioning Cannes, one of the Indian films to get international acclaim, especially at the CFF was Chetan Anand’s 1946 film Neecha Nagar that won the Grand Prize at the Film Festival.

So amidst all the spectacular films, how did commercialism take over? The answer isn’t deep rooted or complex. In a world of exceeding consumerism, where profits speak volumes, the passion and zest for arts withered away gradually. While mainstream Bollywood was focusing on musicals, neo realistic section of film makers was designing fresh methods to offer a diversion from the mainstream world.

To embark on this rugged path was Bengali film maker Satyajit Ray. Borrowing money

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