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Visual artist Ben Darrah’s work has been displayed at venues across North America and Europe. However, for his most recent project the Kingston native decided to stick to his hometown streets.

Darrah’s series Accidental Landscape is currently displayed outdoors across Kingston as part of the Kingston Temporary Public Art Project, which aims to give exposure to local artists by having them display non-permanent artwork in a public space.

Darrah’s participation in the project shows his ability to simultaneously challenge and convey new ideas as an artist.

Accidental Landscape consists of 10 landscapes painted with acrylic on wood panels. Combining both impressionistic and modernistic qualities, Darrah’s technique emphasizes the natural scenery of each landscape. The 10 parts of the series range in setting, beginning with an autumnal landscape accented with orange trees and venturing off into summerlike landscape dominated by rolling hills and valleys. A vivid landscape of Alberta’s Three Sisters Mountain

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