Art review: Ideas ricochet like bullets through Lucien Smith’s ‘Scrap Metal’

Gun violence is the daily diet of Smith’s generation — born in the years of the Gulf War and reaching maturity as American troops moved into Afghanistan and Iraq after the 9/11 attacks — and it’s one of the most hotly debated issues of our time.

Some see guns as nothing but deadly. For others, including participants in the semiannual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot in West Point, Ky., guns are also a source of fun.

Remnants of the event are on view in Smith’s exhibit, “Scrap Metal,” at Bill Brady/KC.

Months ago, when Smith asked Brady to retrieve some of the objects used for target practice at Knob Creek, the artist envisioned the shot-up vehicles and propane tanks as art — readymades in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp.

Yet when Duchamp introduced a bicycle wheel mounted on a stool as art a century ago, he professed little

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