Art Review: ‘Mellow Mountain Coalition: Born to Hula’ at Glitch

It wouldn’t be as appropriate to call Glitch a gallery as to call it an art environment. The Victorian cottage in Midtown, between Cooper and East Parkway, belongs to artist Adam Farmer. While what must have been the entrance hall, parlor and front bedroom of the house make a gallery of sorts, there is also Farmer’s studio right off the gallery, his own sleeping quarters, his kitchen, each of which contains a whirl and swirl of art and found objects that defines barely controlled chaos in their clustered, crowded, splendidly careless accumulation. Or is it all so careless?

On Friday, Glitch hosts an opening reception — call it a party — for “Born to Hula,” a group of collaborative works by Mellow Mountain Coalition, a name that may sound like a marijuana cooperative in Colorado but actually disguises two well-known local artists, Hamlett Dobbins and Tad Lauritzen Wright. In their separate

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