Art review: Quicksand John Armleder, The Dairy Art Centre, London

It will not be a home for art exclusively – dance and music will play their part. The first show consists of work by John Armleder, a multi-media artist from Switzerland whose practice ranges across sculpture, painting, installation and film.

Armleder is more than a mere exhibitor here. He has also helped to make this space what it is. He has given it a free-ranging, informal, anti-institutional atmosphere. The makeover still smacks of raw industry, from the painted grey concrete floors to the neon strip lighting.

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Unlike so many other public gallery spaces, it doesn’t have pedagogical designs upon us. Armleder has had a hand in the making of the milk bar and the cafe, and in the design of the furniture. In shape, the building resembles a long slice of cheese with wedgy ends, all cut up into spaces for showing

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