Art review: Tetraphilia | 4/5, Landscape Memories | 3.5/5

SINGAPORE — They are both held at fashion boutiques, but the ongoing exhibitions, Tetraphilia at Hermes and Landscape Memories at Espace Louis Vuitton, have more in common than just the space they’re in: Both offer up new ways of re-articulating longstanding definitions.

With artwork titles like Tetracycline, Tetrahydropholic and Tetragrammaton, it’s not difficult to guess Hong Kong-based artist Nadim Abbas’ curious fascination with the word “tetra”. In his first solo show in Singapore, he moves beyond the limitations of prescriptive meanings to map the many lives of the word using objects, images, tastes and sounds.

From a tropical freshwater fish to the number four to chemical compounds, the word “tetra” is laden with meaning. Tetraphilia expands beyond what words may provide us, offering an excessive collection that visually charts its possible forms, and finding expression in, among other things, multiple video loops of fish,

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