Art school day 2: 20 best landscapes

This week, The Times Art School unveils the best paintings ever — and teaches you “what to say” about them — in a five-day masterclass. Today, Rachel Campbell-Johnston picks the 20 best landscapes

Does an erupting Vesuvius or the Alps in a snow storm leave you blowing hot or
cold? Are you wooed by John Constable’s six-foot canvas or Wang Ximeng’s
39ft scroll? In the second of our Art School masterclasses, Rachel
Campbell-Johnston, The Times’s chief art critic, chooses the 20 best
landscapes in art — and teaches you ‘what to say’ about them. (For all the
lists and videos so far, click

1/ The Starry Night
by Vincent van Gogh, 1889

The longer you look at this image the more elusive it seems to grow. The
eddying clouds and the blazing firmament are swept up in a rolling energy
that never lets the eye rest. Van Gogh paints with

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