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Valerie Salez: Play, Fall, Rest, Dance

As a way to explore pure creativity — void of concepts of right or wrong — the Victoria-based multi-disciplinary artist Valerie Salez involves participation of children with disabilities in her work. During her exhibition, she invites these kids to freely reimagine her sculptural installation using various provided materials — her gentle guidance only encouraging the children to explore their creative processes. Over the course of the month-long show, visitors who drop by the gallery can see an ever-changing work that emphasizes the state of making and being. Oh, and feel free to dig in, yourself.

June 2 to July 5 | grunt gallery


Peter Culley: Area A

Pursuing some of the thousands of photographs on the poet Peter Culley’s blog, one can’t help but consider the words he’d spin about them: the one in which the clouds looks like a river, or the pink debris close-up, or

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