Artist leaves behind acting career, settles in Lower Burrell – Tribune

Lower Burrell’s David Shipley, 60, has worn the hat of artist, Christian crusader and television actor, but the yearning to create and develop as an artist always prevailed.

“I loved to draw and make pictures,â€� Shipley says, “but I was born with … an essential tremor, and my hands would shake. My second-grade teacher told me one day in class, ‘I hope you don’t plan on being an artist with those shaking hands.’ â€�

Shipley manages his condition with medications, but in school, he couldn’t carry his cafeteria tray and was teased by classmates who called him “Shakely.â€� Instead of backing down, he worked out with weights, bulked up and became a star football player in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas.

The day after he graduated from high school, Shipley spent two years hitchhiking across America, supporting a vagabond lifestyle

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