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Editors note: Last week, the reader met Robert Harrington, a local artist whose painting was recently chosen for an exhibit in Cooperstown. We learned he did lettering to support himself and his family. This week we learn more about the artist, his accomplishments and his thoughts about art.


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Robert Harrington

One of Robert Harrington’s paintings is of a lake path.

Although Robert Harrington is self-taught in many aspects, he has always taken his art seriously.

He studied privately with Randall Grimm, an art director for many major Buffalo advertising agencies, and with John Yerger, a noted Buffalo realism artist, juror and art critic. Yerger even did a portrait of Harrington, which depicts a handsome young man reclining in a chair. It hangs in Harrington’s Dunkirk home.

“That’s me!” he says, laughing and pointing to Yerger’s painting. “A long time ago, though.”

Harrington is also a member of several

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