Artist Razmik Samvelts Among Artists Featured in Brand Library Exhibit

The exhibition at Brand Library Art Galleries, entitled ‘Turmoil and Tranquility,’ features four artists and will conclude May 9.

GLENDALE—Armenian-American artist Razmik Samvelts is among four artists whose works are on display at an exhibition entitled “Turmoil and Tranquility” at the Brand Library Art Galleries, which will conclude its run on May 9. The gallery is located on 1601 West Mountain Street in Glendale.

Razmik Samvelts is an Internationally-acclaimed artist, who paints from the soul, filled with pain and oppression and even anger.

Born in what was formerly the Soviet Union, Samvelts was trapped in a country which stifled creative expression, yet his masterworks contradict a past of chaos and turmoil. His paintings speak of a man who has conquered the unforgivable; the loss of creative expression from a government rampant with human rights violations.

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