Artist uses a variety of cameras to capture landscapes

“No matter what kind of camera you use, the photograph is taken in what seems to be an instant. I want to put time into what we perceive to be an instant. I do a lot of time-based photography.”

Terrance Hounsell has been taking photographs since high school. The naval architect uses a wide range of cameras, from a 19th-century wooden camera, for which he mixes his own chemicals in his own recipes, to digital, pinhole, and infrared. Working with infrared, he creates “light sculptures,” which, over two or three minutes, build up bit by bit: check out his entertaining video on YouTube.

Hounsell, who has won several Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Awards, and has had artwork purchased by The Rooms, has three works in Red Ochre’s new “Still Life Spring To Life” group show: “Foggy Dew,” “Two Solitudes,” and “Codroy Estuary.”

“Two Solitudes” shows two rocks in ocean water, “they

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