Artists Explore New Approach to Landscapes at Carnegie Exhibit

Now Here: Theoretical Landscapes continues at The Carnegie through April 18, a group show featuring 19 artists and art collaboratives. 

If you’re like us, you’re asking “What’s a theoretical landscape?” We knew Carnegie gallery director Matt Distel would have the answer.

Now Here,” Distel explains, “uses the landscape as a springboard into a multitude of concepts, environments and objects. It asks what creates a landscape and what does a landscape contain. So really this is what I wanted to do. Ask the big question of, how are artists in this region creating work that utilizes landscape in new and inventive ways?” 

If you think of ‘landscape painting’ as traditional, Now Here will open your mind to the possibilities. At The Carnegie, the form “serves as the grounding or inspiration for all sorts of contemporary art,” Distel observes.

“I think each artist in this exhibition would answer ‘what is a landscape?’ in different ways.” 

The work is insistently now. Insistently here. 

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