Artists say ‘I love you’ to London

It’s been a 60-year love affair that Londoners will have a chance to celebrate in a new art exhibition at a city gallery.

The Gallery Painting Group and its 70-plus member artists is holding A Love Affair With London exhibition at the ARTS Project until March 30 to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

The artists spend every spring, summer and fall painting outdoors across the city, capturing London’s historic buildings, landscapes and streetscapes, and slices of life.

“It is both a celebration of artistic expression and a celebration of a great city,” said member Marilyn Kidd.

“They enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a subject live with all the nuances of changing colour, light and movement, very much like the French Impressionists (Monet, Renoir, etc.) who made this method of painting famous. While some choose to focus on a single element of a scene, others paint a broader landscape. Techniques range from detailed Realism

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