Artist’s search for identity leads to upcoming show – Daytona Beach News

“Search for Identity” features 15 pieces of his work that portray his life from his youth until now. To Gaddis, the show also represents an ending.

“The search is over,” he said. “I found me. I’m not searching any more. I am an artist—a vessel for God. Now is the time to create and help kids.”

Gaddis, who was the 10th of 12 children in his family, had a traumatic childhood. When he was very young, he was placed into foster care. At the first foster home he was whipped, starved and had to compete with dogs for scraps of food. He was removed from that home only after he tried to take his own life several times.

Gaddis spent his remaining childhood and early teen years in various group homes. He had every opportunity to head down a path of crime, drugs and self-destruction. Instead, his love of art

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