Artist’s Statement: Eduardo Stupia on Reinventing Landscape at Rosenfeld Porcini

“I started as a draughtsman back in the seventies, making very delicate ink drawings, stuffed with little images.

Those were made always in black and white, and that kept going on and on during the next few decades, always in the field of drawing.

At the same time, I was also incorporating new brands of different black inks which, mixed and diluted with water, eventually transformed that black into different shades. It became, in a way, a different colour.

Later, I started to incorporate a wide scope of different materials, with many different qualities of fluidness and harshness.

I changed the mixture and intervened with several fluid agents, so those materials weren’t strictly under my former black and white palette.

The latest pieces I’ve been working on were made away from my studio in Buenos Aires. In the last few months I’ve been working in different studios in San Pablo, Miami, Madrid and London, depending

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