Arts Year In Review: A year of culture

With Newport-Mesans in the Olympics, contentious City Council elections and those Mitt and Barack guys grabbing headlines, it was a busy year for news — and the arts proved to be no exception. We could try to order this into a conventional “top 10 stories” or some such thing, but because the arts are always playful and surprising and sometimes impossible to classify, we’ll approach our year-end wrapup the same way. Here were some of the highlights of the cultural scene in 2012:

First Class Couture: The “adDRESSING Titanic” exhibit showcased women’s haute couture garments, circa 1912. Brought to the Orange County satellite campus in Irvine by the Los Angeles-based Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising (FIDM) Museum, these high-fashion garments were debuted on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking.

“You know, if you were the cream of the crop … you got to wear these types of

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