At Abu Dhabi’s Bait 15, artist in residence takes on whole new meaning

In a residential area of Al Muroor, tucked off Salam Street in Abu Dhabi, is an otherwise unremarkable villa from the 1980s. Last month, a group of artists designed a green neon sign reading, in English and Arabic, “BAIT 15,” and hung it on the house’s slightly crumbled wall. The sign announced the opening of Abu Dhabi’s first artist-run exhibition space. “There was no such place in Abu Dhabi – a place that is run by artists and is for artists, where we could critique each other’s work and just hang out,” says Maitha Abdulla, a co-founder. “I realised that many artists I talked to had similar ideas. It was just a matter of finding the right people to start this with. Or – just starting it.” Bait 15 hosts studios in the upstairs bedrooms and the reception rooms have become an exhibition space which will be curated on a

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