AT THE GALLERIES: Dorion at Dalhousie like a hall of mirrors

After spending a winter in renovation hell, there is only one word that rushes out of me when I see Pierre Dorion’s massive paintings at the Dalhousie Art Gallery.


Dorion offers vast, open spaces with crisp lines and architectural elements. Think Christopher Pratt.

However, Dorion is more urban than Pratt. His 27 works in a Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal exhibit are concerned with art history and the experience of viewing art, as well as with architecture, light and space.

A Montreal realist verging on abstraction, Dorion was born in Ottawa in 1959 and has an exhibit of his oil on linen paintings going back to small, dark, closeted spaces depicted in the 1990s and forward to gigantic, striped, minimalist concoctions and passionate gradations of light.

He puts monolithic black box sculptures in beige multi-layered gallery spaces within paintings.

There is a hall of mirrors feeling to being a viewer in an art gallery looking

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