Auction features raw realism oils

NEARLY 100 contemporary canvas and sculptures, ancient mirrors, porcelains, traditional ink-wash paintings and calligraphy will go under hammer at Hosane Autumn Auction this weekend.

The highlights are five paintings created by Luo Zhongli (1948- ) in five different periods.

Luo, the pioneer of China’s Art of Scars and Nostalgia Realism, established his status in the art community through his canvas titled “Father” created in 1980.

The painting depicts with super-realism the weather-beaten face of an old peasant. It’s considered a milestone in modern Chinese art history.

The five oil paintings reflect the artist’s passion for the land and the people working on it.

In the middle and the late 1990s, Luo’s oil paintings not only maintained a fine style of classical realism but also developed what is called “raw and robust realism,” suggesting a return to the aboriginal spirit.

One of them, “Thunderstorm” (1933)

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