Avoiding the analog

The Internet allows us to access unprecedented amounts of information and culture. While this abundance of material gives today’s artists nearly limitless sources of creativity, it can also be overwhelming, even discouraging. It is hard, in the face of the staggering amount of talent that came before us, to feel confident in our own abilities, in the ability of our collective historical and creative moment. We seem to feel an intense sense of deference for what we consume; we seem to be intimidated by the accomplishments of the past, convinced that the best that art has to offer has already been made.

We tell ourselves this, even as we learn about the modernist approach to the past, as we read about abstract expressionism, as we see countless artists throughout the 20th century tell us that the old ways are often the bad ways. Though

Article source: http://columbiaspectator.com/opinion/2015/04/13/avoiding-analog

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