Bakersfield Mist, Duchess Theatre: ‘Kathleen Turner rules’

But the play to which it owes most is Yasmina
Reza’s Art
, which in the same way placed a controversial
painting at its centre and then used the characters’ responses to it to
tease out their intellectual differences and prise open the hidden cracks in
their relationships.

Reza’s is in many ways the perfect West End play: a little bit clever, a
little bit emotional, a story with no resolution, short enough for
theatregoers to grab a bite to eat before heading home, and with enough meat
(but not too much) to provide matter for conversation over dinner. Whether
Bakersfield Mist has the same success as Art only time will tell, but it is
surely very deliberately aimed at the same audience.

Directed by Polly Teale, with a wonderfully evocative set created

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