Banksy picture to be auctioned in aid of Leonardo Dicaprio charity

In the past Banksy works have been bought for hundreds of thousands by stars
like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The UK-born artist has done environment themed paintings before. One example
is Monet’s Water Lily Pond showing urban detritus such as litter and a
shopping trolley floating in its reflective waters.

The brochure describes the stencil as “a highly charged image exhibiting
a perfect rendering of the anti-war and anti-capitalist ethos which remains
constant in the artist’s oeuvre”.

It reads: “By depicting an elephant carrying a missile with precarious
wording stamped along the upper and lower edges, Protect from All Elements
translates the artist’s empathy of the elephant’s unavoidable predicament
into a compelling reality. Using uncompromising subject matter conveyed
through the clandestine artist’s iconic duo of images and text, Protect from
All Elements

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