Barbara Bowman: Brilliant and mysterious art


CAVE CREEK – Imagine the late afternoon fog creeping through the landscapes, obscuring the finest details. Majestic forms seem to melt into shapeless shifting ghostly images, yet the color brilliantly illuminates the space, bouncing off every surface it touches. Without realizing it, you are drawn into a world created by local artist Barbara Bowman of B.H. Bowman Studios.

Barbara has worked in the arts in one form or another throughout her career. The awakening into what she expresses on canvas today is the culmination of two decades of honing her skills in drawing, painting, composition, and design.  She “fell into Abstract Expressionism,” which is her current focus.

Barbara met her first client requesting a painting done in the style of Abstract Expressionism about nine years ago.  He was looking for a specific “statement piece” to display in his home.

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