Barbara Steinberg: Over 50 Years of Visual Imagery

Barbara Steinberg new collection of abstract paintings are solid, mature, yet strangely fluid. Her over 50 years of constant exploration in different media has succeeded in developing a language with reminiscences to L’Art Informel. Several layers of oils inform us of memories; of what it is left once we admire a view and close our eyes. Because, how much can we remember? Steinberg helps us to reach that conclusion. Her new show, titled Age and Memory, opens at the Signal Gallery on the 26th of July.


A Debatable Land by Barbara Steinberg

Barbara Steinberg has been active as a creative force for over fifty years now. In her long career, she has crossed paths with a number of important figures in the art world, including Frank Auerbach (for whom she sat) and Michael Ayrton (who she assisted) as well as witnessing various trends

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