Bart Guingona: Theater centaur explores the unknown

With few jobs to be had in a tanking economy after graduation in 1983, the double life continued—a day job as financial analyst in the Ministry of Human Settlements, after-hours with his true love. Instinctively moving from “heavy” UP roles, he joined Repertory Philippines (Rep), hoping to broaden his experience. 

An emotional athlete was emerging. “When I was doing the reckless genius, Nicanor Abelardo in ‘Bituing Marikit,’ I was also doing the Director in ‘Death in the Form of a Rose.’ Both roles required me to die dramatically in the end. If I were less wide-eyed and optimistic then, I would probably have sunk into deep depression. But acting is wonderful; it allows you your catharsis onstage; you need not take it anywhere else in your life.”

So what were his most memorable lead roles in the 150 plays he’s been in? Besides Nicanor

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