Beardstown event turns street into giant canvas

The streets of Beardstown were filled with art Saturday — literally.

In its first-ever Beardstown Arts in the Park event, Main Street welcomed a large crowd of people from the area downtown, many having purchased a portion of the street to use as their personal canvas.

Dozens of individuals purchased a roughly six-by-six-foot square, free to paint whatever they liked. Many businesses used the the opportunity to advertise. Others painted pop-culture characters from Angry Birds or Minecraft. Some paid tribute to favorite sports teams while groups of young kids displayed skill in abstract expressionism with crude shapes and splashed paint. One painted a memorial to the late Janice Jamison, former Chamber of Commerce executive director.

Main Street secretary Megan Zimny, the event’s organizer, said the street painting was inspired by a similar event held in Springfield and about 40 of the squares were sold for $35 a piece. Many startup

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