Berlin exhibition tells story of Bowie’s Heroes years

David Bowie’s intensely productive Berlin period – when he made the iconic albums Heroes and Low, launched Iggy Pop’s solo career and kicked a drug habit – is the theme of a new show adapted from last year’s sold-out exhibition in London.

Arriving in 1976 from Los Angeles, exhausted from his antics as Ziggy Stardust and other stage personae, he shed the glam-rock outfits and big hair for a more anonymous life documented at Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau, an extended version of the show that broke box-office records at the Victoria Albert Museum.

“If people saw him in a bar in Berlin they would just say: ‘So what? I play in a band too.’ Bowie liked that, there were no screaming fans and he wasn’t treated like a superstar,” recalls Peter Radszuhn, who worked at Berlin’s Hansa Studios where Bowie recorded and is now director of music at Berlin’s Radio Eins.


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