Bernice Kish Gallery Slayton House Jenny Singleton Beatrice Hardy

The two artists exhibiting at the Bernice Kish Gallery at Slayton House seemingly have two very different ways of seeing the world. Jenny Singleton has a mostly abstract approach, while Beatrice Hardy is a realist by comparison.

Singleton’s acrylic paintings occasionally have quasi-figurative elements, but they remain abstractions. There’s no mistaking the brown trunk of an elephant in “After the Parade,” but the depiction of its body is so schematic that in a philosophical sense it seems more like an elephant as idea rather than an elephant as image. Also, the mostly pink background is so completely abstracted that the hefty elephant might as well be floating.

Another painting that flirts with figuration is “Looks Like a Garden.” Singleton works many variations on shades of green here, but the overall composition remains an abstraction in which fields of color push up against each other.

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