Biggest visual art surprise in 2012: Couple’s treasure-trove enriches two art … – U

Biggest surprise of 2012: Estates of Vance Kondon and Liesbeth Giesberger donate 78 works of art to the San Diego Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

First his close friend Sebastian “Lefty” Adler was fired by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Then his effort to start a San Diego Art Center downtown near Horton Plaza, although endorsed by the City Council and buoyed by the support of several heavy hitters, ran aground.

So when the frustrated, culture-loving doctor left San Diego in 1990 with his considerable art collection, nobody in the arts community expected to hear from Vance Kondon again. He died in 1996, leaving his artwork to his wife, Liesbeth Giesberger.

Case closed.

But then the surprise: It apparently had been Kondon’s intention that at least some of his collection would return to

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