Bobbi Kristina Brown Updates: Bobby Brown to end daughter’s life support? Nick …

With Kristina Bobbi Brown still under a medically induced comma, Cissy Brown and Pat Houston just want to get things over with and pull the plug on Bobbi’s life support. However, Bobby Brown is still hopeful that his daughter will wake up and refuses to end life support for his daughter. Consequently, Nick Gordon is still under investigation in connection with the recent events.

As Bobbi Kristina Brown lays unconscious, brain-dead, and under a medically induced coma at the DeKalb Medical Facility, his mother’s relatives Pat Houston and Cissy Houston sees fit to pull the plug on her life support. However, Bobby Brown, Bobbi’s father, does not agree with his late wife’s family’s decision. He still remains hopeful that his daughter would recover from her health condition and eventually end up okay. While Bobbi’s father and relatives are disputing over her life, Nick Gordon, her fiancé

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