Book review: ‘Still Life With Bread Crumbs’ by Anna Quindlan

There she faces the stark reality that her famous photo collection is fading from the forefront and her royalty checks have slowed to a crawl.

Her identity is entwined with her public persona, and Rebecca is not really sure who she is. Ex-wife? Mother? Daughter? Has-been photographer? Does she still have it? All these questions swirl in her head as she continues to check her bank balance every day.

New people and new experiences enter her life, including a nice outdoorsy man a few years her junior. He has his own life challenges, and their two worlds collide when she jump-starts her career with a series of photographs featuring crosses found in the wilderness. His heartache becomes part of her future.

She begins to see her life in segments and soon concludes this segment is not so bad.

Quindlan is masterful at making everyday life a worthwhile reading experience. You get a strong sense

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