Boris Groys on Art

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Born in 1947, Boris Groys is a philosopher, art critic, and curator whose research centers on modern Russian philosophy, French post-structuralism and contemporary media. He is a Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at New York University, in New York. In addition, Groys has been a Professor of Philosophy and Media Theory at the Academy for Design (Hochschule fьr Gestaltung) in Karlsruhe since 1994. His published work includes: Under Suspicion: A Phenomenology of Media (2012); Introduction to Antiphilosophy (2012); The Communist Postscript (2010); and Art Power (2008). Groys lives and works in New York.

Lily Fьrstenow-Khositashvili sat down with him for an exclusive interview.

Q: How would you characterize the critical tendencies in contemporary artistic discourse? What role does the critical aspect play as far as artistic value is concerned?

A: Malevich wrote that an artist should never

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