Breckenridge-based artist Amy Evans recently won Best Landscape Award from …

Art has always been a part of Amy Evans’ life. It started during childhood, when her grandmother encouraged her to pick up a paintbrush, and has continued through various styles and incarnations throughout the years. Evans studied art in college and became an art teacher for grades seven to 12 afterward.

“When I had children, I didn’t have a studio space to do painting, so I really went into fiber art and I loved it for many years,” Evans said, referring to weaving tapestries. “But after a while, I missed the brush, so I started painting warps.”

In weaving, the warp is the yarn that runs lengthwise along the loom, what Evans called the “skeleton” of the tapestry. She used watercolors to color the yarn and enhance the artistry of her weaving, creating landscape scenes, most pulled from memory of

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