Bringing diverse art together

Three Albertan artists put their work on display at Frames and More’s most recent exhibition, which hit gallery walls Saturday.

Maryanne Jespersen, Susan Greenbank and Steve Coffey are all featured at the gallery and each bring their own unique style to the exhibition.

Impressionist, bordering abstract Turner Valley-based painter Jespersen says she was thrilled to get an invite to the show at the gallery.

“I’ve been a fan of Steve Coffey for years and years, and Susan’s work is really great too. It’s different, but complimentary,” said Jespersen.

Coffey says the region has been an important influence on his work.

“This area’s pretty intense, light-wise, and the landscape is so unusual compared to where I live,” he said. “I’m a prairie boy, have been all my life, and this is a bit of a step up for me and puts me in that world of exploration.

The Vulcan-based artist calls his work prairie expressionism and dominantly

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