Brought to Light: UNH’s Museum of Art has something new

A new semester brings new excitement to UNH’s Museum of Art. On Jan. 24, the museum had a reception for two new exhibitions titled “Songs into the Air” by David A. Lang and “Expressive Voice: Brought to Light,” a showcase of Boston Expressionism. 

“Expressive Voice: Brought to Light” contains highlights from the collections of UNH’s Museum of Art and Danforth Art. This exhibition features Boston artists from the later 20th century who embraced the historical root of European Symbolism and German Expressionism by using a blend of dark humor and social commentary within their works. However, Lang is not part of the Boston Expressionist movement. His exhibit, “Songs into the Air,” uses a blend of found objects, history and witty humor that complements the other exhibition nicely.

The current museum director, Kristina Durocher, stated that she chose the “Expressive Voice: Brought to Light” exhibition to “provide an

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