Canadian artist carves up books to produce astonishing caves and mountainous …

  • Guy Laramée, of Montreal, says his works show ‘mountains of disused knowledge’ return to being just mountains
  • One recent work is Han Shan, in dedication to 9th century Chinese poet whose name translated as ‘Cold Mountain’
  • Another is called A Caverna (The Cave), which took its inspiration from novel by Portuguese author José Saramago

Mark Duell

00:49 EST, 30 December 2013


08:04 EST, 30 December 2013

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sandburg mused that ‘a book is never a masterpiece: it becomes one’ – and an artist is now bringing the saying to life.

Guy Laramée, 56, of Montreal, Canada, has produced a set of astonishing pieces of art by carving up books and creating small-scale landscapes inside.

While literature enthusiasts may gasp at what Mr Laramée is doing to books, the mountains and rock-face

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