Capsule Art Reviews: "50 Shades of Green," "The Age of Impressionism: Great …

“50 Shades of Green” The influence of the impressionists is very much at play in the new collection “50 Shades of Green,” at the Archway Gallery. The show is composed of the works of painters Judy Elias and Harold Joiner. The collaborative collection features a variety of oil paintings, mostly of outdoor settings, in which “the artists realized…the prominence of green as a modifier.” The artists also share a similar style, and there’s a good deal of overlap in content. Joiner’s work is primarily nature — lush landscapes, running bayous and parks, many of which are located in Texas. The paintings that stand out are those that veer more toward the realistic form. Elias’s group of works falls more on the impressionism side of the spectrum. Where she finds distinction is in her subjects. There are many beautiful paintings in “50 Shades of Green,” but you’ve seen many of their kind before. The rationale

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