Capturing a city’s essence: Painter James Kroner’s work offers a sophisticated sense of realism – The Register

The Karin Clarke Gallery is featuring the work of James Kroner, a San Francisco artist known for his strong emphasis on composition, mood, light and atmosphere, now through Feb. 24.

Gallery owner Karin Clarke first was inspired by Kroner’s work after attending a plein air workshop of his in northern Italy last year.

Clarke exhibits primarily highlight local artists’ work, but after seeing Kroner’s art, she said she knew she wanted to make an exception.

“There’s such a sophistication to his work that really appeals to me,” she said. “His use of color is done so well with muted tones and neutral color palettes, and then he very sparingly adds warm colors, so it’s very evocative and captures the exact mood.”

The “New Oil Paintings” exhibit displays a range of Kroner’s landscapes and cityscapes — including New York, San Francisco and the Bavarian

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